Suzuki GS1000 RRR/Hindle Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems to fit 1978-80


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Ripple Rock Racers new RRR/Hindle SS Systems are developed to produce maximum horsepower and maximum torque with our 4-2-1 Design. The System is fully spring mounted as per the best race systems. Our super thin wall stainless steel construction is strong, extremely durable, rust free and super light. The complete system with muffler weighs only 10 lbs. The GS1000 system allows centerstand to be retained and offers complete access to oil filter and oil drain. These systems come as complete systems with a choice of 12” or 16” Megaphone Mufflers. Either size muffler can be had with a classic tip or the slash/cut reverse cone tip. These mufflers are a straight through baffle design and breathe really well at high rpm where the sound is ..ah.. stirring! The systems are also available as “headers only” which is complete less muffler. The megaphone mufflers are tuned to work with our headers and provide a deep rich sound, the 12 inch is a bit louder than the 16” but either is fine for street use anywhere. Complete System is $699.  For help deciding which megaphone muffler is best for you look at my muffler section where both sizes and tips are displayed. These are the mufflers I supply with my systems.

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 57 × 40 × 19 cm
System Config

Header Only ($550), Header w/Muffler ($699)

Must Select Option

, , , ,



None, Ceramic Coating Black ($200)


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