Cafe Racer – Quicksilver

So what is a Café Racer? Back in the 1950’s, a working class sub culture swept through London and other cities and shattered the drab and orderly calm of post war Britain. The Cafe Racers, did not just race motor bikes, they built them, with little money but a lot of ingenuity.

Home built Café Racers were the closest things to pure Grand Prix Race Bikes that these young men could achieve. Dressed in black leather, with slicked back hair, café racers exuded a romance with speed and daring and an escape from the daily drudgery of a working class life. This is the true heart of the Café Racer culture, freedom with speed.

Quicksilver is the liquid metal Mercury and in ancient mythology, the swift messenger of the Gods. We think our 1976 Honda CB750 Café Racer meets that vision, a hand built special designed for speed on the open road.

Sunday morning, early, just after sunrise. You brew a coffee while pulling on riding boots, a black leather jacket and deerskin riding gloves. Beyond a smooth two-lane asphalt road that undulates and curls along the riverbank…..outside Quicksilver waits.

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  1. hello, this is Juan M. Ramos from McAllen Texas USA. very soon I will purchase from you the Hindle exhaust for my 1970 Honda SL 350 K 0. I have a question, do you re jet and clean the carbs to set up for the Hindle exhaust. thanks

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