History of Ripple Rock

rrr-lightRipple Rock Racing Team was formed in 1973. Basically a group of motorcycle enthusiasts in Winnipeg, Manitoba who wanted to roadrace but had no venue to do so! From the living room at 569 Rosedale Avenue we formed the Manitoba Roadracing Association or MRA. We hooked up with the Winnipeg Sports Car Club and held a couple of races at Gimili Motorsport Park, an abandoned WW2 Bomber Training Base.

By 1974 we had CMA sanctioning and were part of the CMA championship. That summer, the photo of the Ripple Rock Racing Team was taken by Cal Bailey. The team was Left to Right- Gord Lebredt, John Glassco and Kemp Archibald (myself). At that time Gord was a realistic artist and created the 10×12 ft Ripple Rock Blowup painting in Black and White based exactly on the photo. This painting hung in the Winnipeg Art Gallery for several years. MRA continues to this day while Ripple Rock Racers still lives in the hearts of John, Kemp and Gord’s widow, Lin.

Ripple Rock Racers is now a motorcycle specialty company that creates Billet Aluminum Products for the custom motorcycle builder. We specialize in performance oriented design as our passion is café racing. We also offer accessories that go with our Billet Parts or enhance performance such as our Hindle Racing Vintage Exhaust Systems. Ripple Rock Racers exists in part to keep alive the spirit of the Ripple Rock Racing team and in memory of my old friend and racing partner, Gord Lebredt


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  1. Good day. I sent an email to Hindle looking to have a complete exhaust system build for my 86 VFR 750. They advised me to get in contact with you. I sent an email via the “contact us” link on your web site. Awesome photo by the way and great story. I live in Alberta and currently a member of the EMRA in Edmonton. My 1986 VFR750 is a project and not a restoration. Hoping to get it race ready. I have fitted a 2003 CBR954 swingarm to the bike as well and modifying my lower triple to fit a 2006 CBR600F4i front end…Finding aftermarket and custom parts for the bike is certainly a challenge. Hoping you can help out. I can send the entire exhaust system I currently have installed on the bike for reference and measurements…it might even be a Hindle system from back in the day (but rusty)… the intermediate pipe and muffler are not suiting this build at all as they are add-ons and are very heavy.

  2. Hi,
    We met on the Isle of Man,Last year,Where you had the Britton,
    We joined you in the car,Where we shared accommodation on the farm!
    Two Welshmen,Dafydd and Nick!
    Hope you are well,
    We are sailing to Northern Ireland 17 May,To see some Street racing,If you might be heading that way,It would be nice to meet again,
    Best Wishes,

  3. Hi, I recently bought an 81 CB 900f and interested in putting an exhaust system on it.
    would you mind if I popped in on you guys for some ideas? What’s your address.

    • Hi Antoine,


      Hi Antoine,

      Yes, please stop by. I’m at 9 Alma Ave in Toronto, 416-557-5051. I have a beautiful system for your CB900F for use with centerstand or sidestand only. I even have a Superbike race version if you are running rear sets or a modified motor. I don’t have that system at home but I have other systems which are very similar so you could get a good idea and feel for them.

      All the best,

  4. Hi Kemp,
    A gentleman (Fraser Mcaninch) I helped with his film back in the 70’s told me about your film and I couldn’t wait to see it as I entered a team into eight 24hr races at Nelson Ledges from 1974 to 1981 inclusive. We were actually leading the race for a few hours in the rain drenched 1980 race on a RD400 Yamaha. My team was Mighty Mouse Racing (from Mississauga).
    Anyway the reason for the comment is just to say it was a really enjoyable experience watching the film and listening to the commentary. It brought back so many memories. Scottie (Mackay) who I knew back then was probably talking about me as I got hit by lightning on corner one during that 1980 torrential downpour.
    (I felt a sharp tingle from my hand and arm but no burn though)

    Lastly, I just want to mention I made a film back in 1969-70 about racing (before I ever got into it myself) It was shot mostly at Harewood Acres with some shots at St. Jovite and pit shots at Mosport. I have a lot of the old guys in it like Mike (Michelle Duff) who I rode on the back shooting over his shoulder and other shots with Dan Sorenson chasing Mrazek at St. Jovite. My film doesn’t have the polish that your does but I’m well aware of all the technical problems that can happen and sympathize.

    If you’re interested in seeing it, I’ve posted it on VIMEO…this is the URL https://vimeo.com/394541651 and the Password is CBX1000. It’s called “To Soar Like A Bird”
    I was only 19 when I made this first 16mm film so forgive the many mistakes and look at it as just a glimpse of the past.
    Thanks for the memories from seeing your film.
    Vaughan Killin,
    Oshawa Ontario.

    • Hi Vaughn,

      Thankyou for your kind comments about “Just to Survive”. It’s really interesting to hear from riders who participated in the 24hrs, the stories are priceless. I loved your film “To Soar Like A Bird”. I’d never been to Harewood but your film depicted the conditions and atmosphere, it was like being there in the pits. It was sure raw and gritty. Seeing John Nelson and Mike Duff as young guns was just priceless. I watched it twice, that’s how riveting the content and style was. Absolutely wonderful job, a real gem


  5. Glad you enjoyed it Kemp.
    I’m heading up to see Fraser Mcaninch in Beaverton next week to see his film of the 1973, 24hr at Mosport (my first one)
    It’s great that we have some record of these “old” race days.


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