Honda CB350F (72-74) and Honda CB400F (75-77) RRR/Hindle Vintage Stainless Steel Exhaust



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This is our new RRR/Hindle Stainless Steel Exhaust for the 1972-77 Honda CB350F/400F. All our Vintage Systems are now purge welded for additional flow, the system pictured is a pre-production tack welded test unit. See images below for dyno charts. For such a small engine the gains in horsepower and torque with just our new exhaust were amazing. Our 400F test bike improved on peak power from 24hp to 28hp with major gains from 4,000rpm all the way to 9,000rpm. Torque values showed a similar increase with a peak torque gain of 4.7ft lbs at 5700 rpm, just where it is needed for strong acceleration. The torque curve shows the value of the Hindle 4-2-1 design over the stock system with a strong torque gain from 4000 rpm up to the 9000 rpm redline. The engine invited over rev with no drop in power and with some jetting more power and torque is still available.

This race designed system is made entirely from Stainless Steel. It is fully spring mounted in sections for quick installation and removal. The system offers full access to the oil filter and oil drain. Our unique 4-2-1 design allows for maximum horsepower and maximum torque. If jetting was finessed, still more power and torque is there for the taking. Another bonus is the deep rich sound our Hindle system has, check the video.

The Stainless Steel design makes for a super light, strong and extremely durable exhaust system which will not rust. The RRR/Hindle Vintage Racing Exhaust System can be ordered as a complete system with a Stainless Steel Megaphone Muffler for $879.95 or can be ordered as Headers Only ($709.95). The Stainless Steel Megaphone Mufflers come in two lengths, 12 inch or 16 inch (+$10),  and are supplied with either a “Classic” tip (pictured on the bike in 12″ length) or a “reverse cone slash cut Megaphone” tip (end cap). The Stainless Steel Megaphone Muffler has a straight through perforated baffle core design wrapped with SS wool and ceramic cloth to insure long lasting performance. This straight through design lets the engine breathe yet is “relatively” quiet when trolling about town. When the throttle is opened, the system produces a rich mellow sound as it screams toward redline, truly fantastic! The 16 inch Megaphone is a little quieter than the 12 inch Megaphone. The 12 inch is…a…robust in volume!! We also make a noise suppressor option, “STEALTH”, which is a bolt in suppressor that cuts 4-5db of sound and is removable or installed in seconds.

Note – to help decide on muffler length and tip, look at my separate section “Hindle Megaphone Mufflers” on page 2 of the exhaust systems. These are the muffler choices supplied with each system

Center stand must be removed to fit the system but the mounts can stay. System Complete $879.95, Headers Only $709.95, Muffler Only $283.95 (savings of over $114) when you buy the complete system.

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 57 × 40 × 19 cm
System Config

Header Only ($709.95), Header w/Muffler ($879.95), Muffler Only ($283.95)




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