Fiberglass Seat Assembly for the Honda CB350F and 400F 1973 – 77


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Here is our “plug n play” custom fiberglass seat assembly for the Honda CB350F and 400F. The seat comes in three pieces, a seat cowl, seat base and upholstery tray. We were careful to create a seamless “bone” line front to back with the stock fuel tank in it’s stock position. A small hump incorporated into the upholstery tray lets the builder retain a smooth continuous flow from tank to seat. Assembly is very easy as the seat is designed to fit on the stock Honda CB350F and 400F frame. Price is $198.95 Canadian dollars for the 3 piece assembly. We offer an optional taillight kit that features a cut out at back of the seat fitted with an integrated Lucas taillight and the necessary mounting hardware to make it a painless install for an additional ($25). We also offer the taillight kit with an integral license plate bracket in aluminum as an option (+$45)

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 46 × 23 × 23 cm


System Config

Seat Assembly Only ($198.95), Seat Assembly with Taillight Kit ($223.95), Seat Assembly with Tailight/License Plate Kit ($243.95)


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