RRR/Hindle 1978-80 Suzuki GS1000 “Superbike Option” Stainless Steel Exhaust



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“Superbike Option” – This is a larger midpipe, muffler and muffler bracket. This system works on the GS1000 and is designed to work with rearsets. It tucks in real tight and sweeps up behind the rearsets. The muffler bracket bolts to the rear master cylinder lug on your frame, very neat and tidy. It is designed for racing as the midpipe exit is increased to 2 ¼” and the Megaphone Muffler is 2 ¼” also with a straight through core and is 11” long. This system really breathes at peak rpm and has been noise tested at 94db at 50ft, half revs and at 102db peak revs, top gear on the track. This should meet all track restrictions. If you already have my Hindle/RRR Suzuki GS1000 system this Superbike Option will retrofit to your current system perfectly and costs $503.95 (2 1/4″ high level midpipe and 2 1/4″ Moto America 12″ Megaphone Muffler). If you are ordering the system for the first time it comes as a complete (full) system for $950.95

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 57 × 40 × 19 cm

System Config

Muffler and Midpipe Only ($503.95), Full System ($950.95)


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