Kawasaki Z1 to fit 1973-75 and KZ900 to fit 1976-77 RRR/Hindle Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems



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Ripple Rock Racers new RRR/Hindle Stainless Steel Kawasaki Exhaust Systems were developed directly from Lang Hindle’s Multi Championship winning KZ1000 Superbike roadracer. These new systems were created using Lang’s latest 4-2-1 design which gives maximum torque and maximum horsepower and are fully spring mounted as are the best racing systems. The Z1/KZ900 Exhaust is a no compromise performance system with equal length primaries and secondaries and fully purge welded. The spring mounting allows for fast assembly and disassembly of the system in sections or as a unit for quick access to oil drain and oil filter. The centerstand must be removed. Our super thin wall stainless steel construction is strong, extremely durable, rust free and super light. The complete system with muffler weighs only 10 lbs. These systems come complete with a choice of 12” or 16” Megaphone Mufflers. Either size muffler can be had with a classic tip or the slash/cut reverse cone tip. The systems are also available as “headers only” which is complete less muffler. The megaphone mufflers are tuned to work with our headers and provide a deep rich sound, the 12 inch is a bit louder than the 16” but either is fine for street use anywhere. at full throttle the straight through baffle design provides exceptional high rpm breathing with a “full” sound. As an option we offer a fully removeable noise suppressor which cuts the sound 4-5db. Complete System is $879.95 with muffler, a savings of $114 over purchase cost of headers and muffler separately.

Note – to help decide on muffler length and tip, look at my separate muffler section “RRR/Hindle Megaphone Mufflers” on page 2. These are the muffler choices supplied with each system and each picture has a descriptive caption.

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 57 × 40 × 19 cm
System Config

Headers Only ($709.95), Headers w/Muffler ($879.95), Muffler Only ($283.95)




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