Honda CB500/550 (71-78) Billet Aluminum Frame Brace


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The Ripple Rock Racers Billet Aluminum Frame Brace was designed to offer additional stiffness to the frame by tying together the two top down tubes that run down from the steering head. The stock Honda design uses two thin steel rectangles to anchor the front of the engine to the frame. The billet aluminum brace slips between these frame tubes and effectively ties the down tubes together at the front engine mount. This brace helps prevent the steering head/frame from twisting during hard cornering and braking. Since the brace is located relatively close to the steering head, it acts as a stressed member, completely linking with the solid engine mounts under and to the rear of the motor. This frame brace will add an extra bit of stiffening structure to help keep the wheels in line under spirited riding conditions! The tapered brace itself is an easy install and utilizes the stock steel mounting bolts. The Honda front motor mounts are retained, the tapered aluminum brace simply slides up between them and is bolted in place.

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 8 cm


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